Monday, June 8, 2009

National Chairman of Wanita MCA cum
Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development
@ soft Launch of WEDC Logo
8 June 2009

I am pleased to announce a joint effort between MCA ICT Resource Centre (MIRC) and Women Entrepreneur Development Centre Sdn Bhd (WEDC) in launching the:
1) 1st Asia Women Business Power Conference which is endorsed by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and;

2) Women Entrepreneur Development Centre (WEDC) logo which reflects our initiative of developing women entrepreneurship

WEDC aims to promote and nurture women businesses towards penetrating the local and possibly in the future even into global market through networking, market access, skills and business development programmes.

The 1st Asia Women Business Power Conference marks our first collaborative programme with MIRC in promoting WEDC to women entrepreneurs. We are proud to work with MIRC to realize the success of this conference which we believe will offer women entrepreneurs the opportunity to network, be empowered and inspired; and improve their capabilities.

This is a good platform for women entrepreneurs to know more about how WEDC can assist them in their businesses. This conference also aims to share topics in empowering and inspiring women entrepreneurship. The highlight of this event is the creation of an Asia Women Business Network which will become a platform to foster closer cooperation among women entrepreneurs throughout the region. It will feature renowned speakers as far as from Thailand, Vietnam and Laos and local successful women from stem cell to technopreneur industry. This conference promises to be both inspiring and motivational to all participants as the speakers will share knowledge learned and wisdom gained from their entrepreneurial journey.

In conjunction with the joint collaboration with MIRC in organising this upcoming 1st Asia Women Business Power Conference, I would like to take this opportunity to launch the logo of Women Entrepreneur Development Centre (WEDC) which will be officially launched soon. The logo symbolizes the core focus of this entrepreneur development centre which is women. Orange is used as a primary colour for the logo as it signifies vitality, high-spirit, energy and liveliness.

This is how we would like our WEDC centre to be known- as an entrepreneur development centre full of vitality, high-spirited, energetic and lively aimed at empowering women economically.

The 1st Asia Women Business Power Conference is one of projects in the pipeline which we have launched in building up momentum of WEDC. We believe with all these preliminary projects, we have set a strong foundation for WEDC to move forward.

WEDC is a project deep in my heart which I wished to implement all this years. Wanita MCA will take the lead in realizing key development of this centre. WEDC will be playing a vital role in the development and promotion of women entrepreneurs in Malaysia’s economic development as its main objective is to help introduce women from poor and economically challenged families into empowering programmes that can assist them into gaining economic self-sufficiency and financial independence.

We hope that with WEDC and leveraging on MIRC’s vast expertise on incubation, we will be able to support women to sustain their livelihood and essentially contribute back socially and economically at large.

With that, I launch the 1st Asia Women Business Power Conference and the logo of Women Entrepreneur Development Centre (WEDC).

Thank you.

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