Thursday, June 18, 2009

Principles of the Unity Talks

June 18, 2009

Press statement issued by Wanita MCA Central Committee Members

The women's wing of the MCA made a unanimous stand at its Executive Committee (EXCO) meeting today, that any form of dialogue or collaboration must first and foremost begin with the spirit of a genuine need to develop the country. Before coming to the table, the Opposition must sincerely embrace the tenets of the Federal Constitution. That is, all parties must agree to defend and uphold that Malaysia is a secular state with Islam as the official religion and that the constitutional rights of all Malaysians are protected accordingly.

The principles of freedom of religion and non-discrimination against women must be agreed upon. Discriminatory practices such as imposing dress codes, moral policing and so forth should not be allowed. Likewise, the call by PAS to investigate or to ban SIS is another form of curbing the freedoms of our civil society and a clear violation of our democratic rights and freedoms. PAS's refusal to remove its resolution to ban SIS reflects a false portrayal of the inclusive agenda of the party since the 12th General Elections.

Unless the basic rights of Malaysians are agreed upon, talks of sustainable development and well being of the country are just political rhetoric on part of the Opposition. This dishonesty is upsetting people who have voted them into power.

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