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Wanita MCA calls on all Malaysians to stand united to quell acts by extremists

8 January 2009
Press Statement issued by Wanita MCA National Chairman Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun

Having undergone my primary school years in Petaling Jaya, this city better known as PJ for short holds a special place in my heart. Therefore, I am deeply pained that a kerosene bottle was flung into the Church of Assumption at Jalan Templer, while irresponsible individuals have caused arson against the Life Chapel in Section 17. I am equally disturbed at the explosives hurled at the Metro Tabernacle Church in Desa Melawati which gutted the building, while molotov cocktails have been swung into a church in Kampung Subang.

Wanita MCA unequivocally admonishes the perpetrators involved in the violence and convey our wishes that this will be not done by quarters unhappy with the High Court judgement on the use of word "Allah."

The women’s wing of MCA further stresses the call for calm and let the courts and Prime Minister to handle this case in line with the laws of our country, to respect the rights of all Malaysians to freedom of practising their religion.

Wanita MCA is confident that as long as all of us try our best to look for a solution on the issue, and as long as the remedy will not affect the rights of any religion, we will be able to overcome the differences among ourselves.

Wanita MCA urges all Malaysians to stand united to overcome these overzealous extremists. Let us respond with prayers in our own ways that harmony will return. Living in a plural society, we should treasure the peace, cohesion and unity of the country as envisaged by our forefathers in the run-up to Independence. If it is the goal of these troublemakers to unleash and stir mass scale havoc without any consideration for lives and property, we must defeat them through calm, emotional restraint and stability.

Wanita MCA hopes that these extremists will realise beyond their selfish extremism and consider about the future of Malaysia. Their cruelties and cowardly acts of intimidation are a disservice to the nation as foreign direct investors and tourists will be driven away from coming here.

Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun
Wanita MCA National Chairman

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