Monday, September 28, 2009

Press Statement Issued by Wanita MCA

At the Wanita MCA bi-monthly EXCO meeting today 25 September 2009, a few topics were discussed. Amongst others, Wanita MCA had discussed in detail regarding the upcoming party EGM on 10 October 2009 and the meeting recognized that how decisions made at the EGM will affect the leadership and future of the party. As Wanita MCA EXCO is steering the wing’s leadership at this critical juncture, Wanita MCA’s leadership is responsible to provide the wing’s views and stand on the current party issues as a reference for the 298 MCA central delegates from Wanita MCA:

Wanita MCA respects the right of the MCA central delegates to call for the EGM. Wanita MCA recognizes that this EGM is convened as the best solution to resolve the current party issues.

As the choice of the votes will determine the future of the party and the party’s president, Wanita MCA therefore urges the 298 central delegates from Wanita MCA who will vote to reflect the objectives of Articles 4(a), (b) and (c) of the Wanita MCA by-laws as follows:
- (4)(a) To carry out the objectives of the MCA as laid down in the MCA Constitution;
- (4)(b) To lead women to be more active in participation of politics and help in nation building; and
- (4)(c) To uplift women's status and fulfil gender equality.

The objectives of the Wanita MCA by-laws must be kept in mind and followed and any results of the EGM should not run counter the objectives of the Wanita MCA by-laws.

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