Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wanita MCA congratulates Bar Council President being bestowed "International Women of Courage Award."

Press Statement issued by Wanita MCA National Chairman Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun:

Wanita MCA National Chairman Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun today extended the party’s heartiest congratulations to Bar Council President Dato’ Ambiga Srenevasan for being named by the US State gDepartment as one of only eight recipients of the 2009 “International Women of Courage Award.” She received her award on Monday from US Secretary of State H.E. Hillary Rodham Clinton in Washington.

“Being among eight esteemed women selected for the Courage Award is indeed a rare achievement for Malaysia. It shows that Malaysian women are recognized in the international arena for having the courage in taking a firm stand on national issues like judicial independence, gender equality, media or religious freedoms, good governance, public delivery, transparency, misimplementation of the ISA or race relations for the betterment of our society. As recipient of the Courage Award, Dato’ Ambiga’s efforts should not only be viewed as that from a gender perspective as a woman, but as a Malaysian individual who champions justice and equality.”

“In hosting seminars and discourses through Bar Council on issues deemed sensitive, Dato’ Ambiga has always sought to reach a workable solution. The Bar Council President has always been resolute in her convictions in not wavering to any form of pressure even amidst a not-too-friendly audience. “Without fear or favour, Dato’ Ambiga has clearly demonstrated her talent in seeking to tackle these difficult issues. Dato’ Ambiga has performed all these tasks well while balancing her responsibilities as a working professional, wife and mother.”

“As a party that consistently promulgates equal rights and justice irrespective of gender, race, religion or class, MCA is cognizant of the impact of women’s role in striving towards the advancement of our nation and civil society for equality and giving the voiceless a voice in all areas as mentioned above. In conjunction with International Women’s Day, MCA hopes that more and more Malaysian women will aspire to emulate the distinct leadership qualities which Dato’ Ambiga is endowed with.”

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