Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MOU Signing & Launching of “IMPACT PROGRAMME” of WEDC & COWAY

(photo by CFL)

National Chairman of Wanita MCA

On behalf of WEDC, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Woongjin Coway for working with us to offer job opportunities to women through the implementation of this “Impact Programme”.

I am indeed very happy that such a large and reputable corporation like Woongjin Coway has chosen to fulfil its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a programme targeted specially for women.

Today Women Entrepreneur Development Centre (WEDC), an initiative of Wanita MCA and Woongjin Coway (M) Sdn Bhd (Coway) has come together today in partnership to recruit more Malaysian Women into the service support industry under the Coway CODY Recruitment Project. The CODY Recruitment Program will be part of WEDC’s “Impact Programme”, a programme that acts as a bridge to encourage women into entrepreneurship programmes in particular amongst those who have less access to existing social nets including single mothers.
Under the stewardship of WEDC ‘Impact Programme’ - the Coway’s CODY Recruitment Project provides a platform to enhance Malaysian women’s professional development. WEDC serves as the channel for Malaysian women to apply as a CODY (Coway Lady), at the same time enabling Coway to concentrate on the training program and cultivation for Malaysian women to be a professional CODY. As such, this collective effort between Coway and WEDC can in effect contribute to the development of Malaysian women in the economy.

(photo by CFL)
Ladies and gentlemen, This “Impact Programme” aims to encourage women into entrepreneurship programmes and introduce an alternative or additional household income solution with flexible working hours. This initiative could not be introduced in a better time. During this time of economic downturn, women face greater challenge to survive economically and to sustain their family financially. It is of utmost importance that every woman regardless of their education level, economic status and location amongst others to be financially savvy.
This is in line with the endeavour of The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development which focuses on the three main areas namely
i. Economic empowerment activities as first and foremost;
ii. Followed by Capacity building programmes; and
iii. finally Enhancing the quality of life.In addition, the Ministry has conducted over 200 training programmes to educate women on financial management and to encourage women to practise good financial management both for their personal and of their families.
Ladies and gentlemen, In today’s fast-paced world, it can be clearly seen that women have progressed, made inroads and earned recognition in many fields. Women of today are holding senior positions; they are owner of companies and professionals even in the fields that were previously dominated by men.
With the rapid urbanisation that the country is undergoing, women who make up almost half of the total population of Malaysia at 49.1% are not only playing a major role at home, but also contributing their skills and knowledge at the workplace and in the country to sustain the nation’s economy growth. This is especially so when women’s education level is on the rise with 61.7 percent of the enrolment to Higher Learning Institutions is female students.
Participation of women in the nation’s economic activities is no longer an option, but a prerequisite to boost Malaysia’s competitiveness. There are 45.7 percent women in the labour force in 2008; however a drop compared to 47.3 percent in year 2004. The Ministry is currently addressing the declining proportion of women in labour workforce and strategising to increase the participation rate of women in labour force particularly in income generating activities.
(photo by CFL)
Ladies and gentlemen, These programmes are being carried out with the aim to equip women with the knowledge and skills that can be utilized for them to start their own income generating activities.
Eliminating gender disparity is one of the key visions of my Ministry in promoting equal opportunities for both women and men at work. Hence, Woongjin Coway’s efforts assisting women in Malaysia particularly through this programme is highly commendable and should serve as a benchmark and role model to other private sector corporations. Thus, we would like to invite Coway to be part of the Jalinan Niaga which stands for Business Matching, an integral part of the Jalinan Rakyat from BN Wanita.
Ladies and gentlemen, As such, I hope that this “Impact Programme” will achieve its objectives and once again I would like to thank Woongjin Coway for providing this great opportunity to women from all over Malaysia. I hope Malaysian women would not miss this great opportunity to improve their financial status especially without having to interrupt their daily routine with flexi-work arrangements in addition to attractive remuneration packages.
Last but not least, I wish Woongjin Coway all the best in your future endeavours and with that, I launch the “Impact Programme”. Thank you.





也是馬華婦女組主席的周美芬今日(週二,7月28日)見證大馬Woongjin Coway私人有限公司與馬華婦女組婦女企業發展中心簽署推出CODY徵員計劃的諒解備忘錄後說,老人遭遺棄的課題,當然不僅是只有貧窮的一群遺棄自己的父母,一些不孝的子女,也是會這麼做,但婦女部目前還未討論到立法懲罰遺棄父母的子女。




光华日报:二零零九年七月二十八日 下午五时十五分
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周美芬也是马华妇女组主席。她今日见证马华妇女企业发展中心与WoongJin Coway签署CODY谅解备忘录后,受媒体询问时这么说。







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