Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wanita MCA today urges the government to be mindful when implementing the new 10+2 subjects for SPM students together with the decision to review the National Civics Bureau (BTN) courses.

Press Statement by Wanita MCA National Chairman Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun on the government’s decision to introduce the 10+2 subjects for SPM and reviewing BTN courses
8th Dec 2009

10+2 SPM subjects
On the implementation of the new 10 + 2 subjects policy for SPM, Wanita MCA holds the view that it is a good move towards adjustment and rectification which deserves to be complimented. However, pertaining to the rules and regulations of its implementation, it seems that the government has not been dynamic enough to appease the people.

The 10 + 2 policy is however imperfect nor complete as it seems to have some discrimination against the teaching of other languages.

The Cabinet’s decision to increase the maximum subjects that is allowed to be taken from 10 to 12 by SPM students, but limiting consideration for scholarship application to 10 subjects last week seems to be rather perplexing, as the additional two language subjects are not taken into consideration when they apply for scholarship.

Hence, Wanita MCA hopes that steps could be taken to review the policy so that the best of any of the 10 subjects could be taken into consideration when students apply for government scholarships.

By doing so, the government will not only be considerate in realizing the objective of 1Malaysia, this move will also help to satisfy the needs and aspiration of the people. Hence, why not try to do it?

National Civics Bureau courses better known as BTN
Besides that, on allegations that the BTN courses contain racist content, Wanita MCA feels that since the government intends to add the spirit of 1Malaysia into the syllabus, it is obvious that the government is aware of the multi-racial composition of our society. Thus, any affirmation of racist elements should totally be wiped out from the content.

The courses need to be amended if we are to add elements of 1Malaysia into it. What we must be aware of is that when changes are to made to the content, they must be clear and precise to all. The BTN contents must not be ambiguous so as to ensure that the concept of 1Malaysia as intended by our Prime Minister is upheld.”

On top of that, the government must also take cognizance of the quality and the teaching methods of lecturers so that what they teach will not run astray from its original course as scheduled.

Last but not least, Wanita MCA also praises Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department for sharing his impartial views on the content that appeared in the BTN courses.

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