Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lining up for a load of fun

The Star news: Tuesday December 1, 2009

ALMOST 500 people, young and old, turned up for the 7th Unity X’mas Line Dance Party and danced the night away in unison to 72 songs both new and old.

“The current hit songs we’re dancing to these days make me feel young. My favourite has to be the Lady Gaga song,” Sharon Liew Yoke Heong, 48, said.

Liew said she attended a line-dancing class twice a week and chose the particular pastime because of its minimal requirements.

“I don’t need a partner and I can do it almost anywhere. It’s convenient and fun,” Liew said.

All smiles: Two line dancers having fun spinning during a brief break

Liew, who had been dancing for almost six years, added that the parties felt like an exam to her and a misstep could cause the dancers to collide and disrupt the dance flow.

Shereen Ho Yie Wen, 22, a student has been enjoying the classes she has been attending for the past three months.

“My mother brought me to a similar party a few months ago and it was fun and I was convinced to join beginner classes three months ago,” Ho said, adding that the song variety was good.

“My friends see line dancing as a somewhat ‘old woman’ activity and it has quite a cowboy feel to it that isn’t really popular,” Ho said.

For 70-year-old Jenny Chung Kwai Fong, staying home after retirement was boring and she had sought out an activity that involved music.

“I thought dancing was beautiful and graceful. Line dancing songs feature all kinds of music and it’s the perfect hobby for me,” Chung said.

Chung finds fulfilment in just dancing to her heart’s content during such parties and the class she attends twice a week.

David Yeoh Yeong Hei, 47, a salesman had been stressed and was recommended line dancing by a female friend.

“I never really liked dancing but line dancing is something else. It’s like a workout and I find myself less stressed after I started doing it,” Yeoh said.

The group danced to 72 songs at the event which included a wide range of music including current hits like Poker Face by Lady Gaga and Jai Ho by Pussycat Dolls.

Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun recommended line dancing as a healthy activity suitable for people of all ages.

“Such classes and parties also encourage social integration and it can bring everyone together regardless of gender, race, religion, language or age,” Chew said.

Party organising chairman Elena Tan said event tickets were sold at RM16 each and could not cover the organising costs.

“I thank Chew for her generosity in providing RM5,000 to make this event a success. The extra of RM2,000 from the donation will be given to the Pacific Rim Disaster Fund via the MCA Crisis Relief Squad,” Tan said.

The event was organised by the Petaling Jaya Utara Line Dance Council and co-organised by Selangor Wanita MCA, Persatuan Kemajuan Wanita Petaling Jaya and Rukun Tetangga SS2B Petaling Jaya.

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