Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wanita MCA calls on stern action against Nasir

Mere Apology and Resignation Not a Solution
Press Release from Wanita MCA

Kuala Lumpur 3 February- Wanita MCA National Chairman Chew Mei Fun today on behalf of Wanita MCA sisters strongly condemn the statement made by the special officer to Prime Minister, Datuk Nasir Safar that Malaysian Chinese and Indians are foreigners (“pendatang”) and that Chinese, especially women came to Malaysia to enslave ourselves and for prostitution. Such expression not only has a racist undertone but also sexist in nature.

Chew Mei Fun expressed that Wanita MCA is truly grateful of the Prime Minister’s prompt response that Nasir Safar resigns. However, Nasir Safar’s speech has already hurt the feelings of other ethnic communities.

This remark reflects non-recognition of the contributions by the Chinese and Indian alongside other ethnic communities in nation-building through thick and thin over the years. Such remark has caused unprecedented humiliation to our Chinese sisters. As such, this is an issue beyond reprieve and cannot be resolved by a mere resignation.

She added that it is unbecoming that an aide who has no formal authority has the audacity to request that citizenship of Indians who opposed the policy of maximum 10 subjects for SPM be revoked. Not only is it arrogant, it has severely undermined our Prime Minister’s concerted efforts to promote and realise the “1 Malaysia” concept. Indeed, it is a serious blow to the Prime Minister’s credibility.

Therefore, an apology and resignation will not do justice. We call upon the government to take appropriate legal measures against him, which even includes invoking provisions of incitement laws to prosecute him. This would safeguard the Prime Minister and government’s credibility in fulfilling its pledge to realise the spirit of “1 Malaysia” with resolute determination.

Wanita MCA thinks that it is unconceivable for such a statement to be publicly made by Nasir Safar at a seminar “Rapat 1 Malaysia” organized by the Special Affairs Department which aims at promoting national unity. Not only has he directly contradicted the government’s concerted efforts in promoting the spirit of “1 Malaysia”, possibly he may have also incited hatred and racial sentiments.

Drawing from the recent exposé of racial slurs by some lecturers in conducting Biro Tatanegara courses, we feel that the government should be careful and mindful in the selection of speakers for any events to avoid “ruining” what we have been building thus far. Not only will the people receive wrong messages, they may also develop an indelible negative imprint of the government.

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