Friday, November 20, 2009

Press Statement by Wanita MCA 马华妇女组文告

文告 (二零零九年十一月十九日)


1. 这是创党60年以来首次妇女组全国主席不被受委为会长理事会成员,这显示不尊重妇女组也否决了妇女组是马华的臂膀,这将影响党和妇女组的前进。

2. 马华妇女组全国主席是由马华妇女组40万党员经过民主程序合法选出的,她代表了妇女组40万党员,这个地位不容藐视。妇女组全国主席不被委为马华会长理事会委员等于藐视40万马华妇女组党员。

3. 妇女组全国主席被贬为受邀者来列席马华会长理事会,对她和妇女组而言是一种侮辱,因为受邀者有需要才受邀列席,也没有表决权。

4. 我们欢迎总会长委任妇女组总秘书及妇女组全国组织秘书,但却不能接受没有委任妇女组全国主席。如果这样的做法可以被接受,这会使以后各州联委会,马华区会在成立一些重要的委员会,例如:州执行委员会,党选举委员会,遴选委员会等,也可以根据主席的喜好委任,而不是根据党职委任,违背妇女组政治斗争目标。

5. 针对马华新闻局所发出信息:妇女组从原有的1名受委成员(周美芬)及1名受邀列席者(王赛芝),增加至2名受委成员(王赛芝及陈清凉),提升了妇女组在会长理事会的代表性的说发是不正确的。真正代表妇女组的是妇女组全国主席。

Press Release
19 November 2009

Wanita MCA in response to removal of Wanita MCA National Chairman, YB Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun at the 9th MCA Central Committee as a Presidential Council member, would like to state our views as follows:

1) In the 60 years of history of MCA since its inception, this is the first time where the Wanita Chairman was ever dropped from the membership of Presidential Council being the highest decision-making mechanism in the party. This reflects utmost disregard on the part of the President towards Wanita MCA as one of the wings of the party, being a vital component in the party. Such disrespect also affects the future direction of the party and Wanita MCA .

2) The Wanita MCA National Chairman was elected democratically by 400,000 wanita members. In other words, the Wanita MCA National Chairman was voted in to democratically represent 40,000 Wanita members. Her status and position simply cannot and should not be undermined.

3) The relegation of the Wanita MCA National Chairman from an appointed member to a mere invited member in the Presidential Council is an insult to her and to the Wanita MCA as a wing. Her representation in the Presidential Council would be reduced given that the presence of any invited member would merely be sought when required. Further, her voice would naturally be diminished as her presence and right to speak are subject to the permission by the President.

4) The appointment of the Wanita Secretary General and Wanita Nationa Organising Chairman by the President as appointed members of the Presidential Council has set a bad precedent in future in other party mechanisms. If this practice were to be acceptable, then in future, State Liaison Committee or MCA division in setting up prominent committees such as Party Election Committee, the respective Chairperson of any committee may appoint anyone in his favour and not in accordance of party position. This contradicts the principle of Wanita MCA’s political struggle.

5) In response to the SMS issued by the MCA Information and Communication Bureau, Wanita MCA initially had 1 appointed member (Chew Mei Fun) and 1 member by invitation (Heng Seai Kie) but it is now increased to two (2) appointed members (Heng Seai Kie and Tan Cheng Liang) has improved representation of women in the Presidential Council. Such claim is inaccurate. The person who can truly represent Wanita MCA is the Wanita National Chairman.

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