Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chew Mei Fun: Tajuddin’s obscene remarks humiliate women. He should be punished

28 November 2008
Media Statement

Issued by Wanita MCA National Chairman Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun against Pasir Salak Member of Parliament Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman’s obscene remarks

Referring to the remarks unhurled by Pasir Salak MP Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman in Parliament on 27 November 2008, Wanita MCA National Chairman Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun expressed her utmost disappointment over the spews and urged Tajuddin to apologize to all women and take full responsibility over his irresponsible remark.

“Parliament should dish out a heavy disciplinary action against Tajuddin by suspending him from entering Parliament for at least two months as a warning to the other MPs not to repeat the same offense,” emphasized Mei Fun.

“Parliament should also set up a code of conduct against MPs who espouse obscene remarks or racist terms to prevent the same mistake being repeated by others”.

Mei Fun added that “after last year’s uproar over the “leakage” remark, another profanity was again unleashed in our august house. As a male MP, Tajuddin should lead a good example and he is supposed to voice out his views in a proper manner and not resort to treating Parliament as a coffee shop or an acting stage.”

She expressed that a good MP should be someone who could articulate well his views. “If he fails to do so, he must not be allowed to churn any obscene or treat irresponsible spews as a joke. She added that Tajuddin has done just the opposite of what he is entrusted by the people to carry out in Parliament in our democratic country.

Mei Fun expressed hopes that “Tajuddin will self-reflect over his own action and is willing to apologize to the public and be prepared to accept whatever punishment delivered to him.”

“If Tajuddin fails to do so, Beliawanis in Wanita MCA will organize a ‘Say “No” to discrimination against women’ campaign in Tajuddin’s constituency to protest against his actions and demand him to apologize,” reiterated Mei Fun.


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Ti Lian Ker said...

Sudahlah YB dari Pasir Salak
Sedarlah Budaya Melayu halus dan bersajak
Jangan pula YB suka pula menyalak
Budibahasamu langsung tak bertanjak