Monday, November 17, 2008

7 Objectives and 5 Plans of Wanita MCA

Wanita MCA under the new leadership will realign its focus and transform through the below:-


1. Extending the caring horizon and be leaders for the people;
2. Changes guided by policies and political professionalism ;
3. Synergetic and integrated organizational network;
4. Friendly political environment to woo youths;
5. Professionalism in core mission for women;
6. Integration with the community and people-oriented;
7. Cultivating a healthy political culture

(Contents of 7 Objectives - Kindly refer to the Wanita National Chairman Election Campaign Flyer)


1)Formation of the Political Strategic Bureau towards professionalism in politics and adoption of an active and responsive role in national issues and government policy: Wanita MCA must keep abreast with times and provide timely response and provide constructive input and suggestions on the latest developments in the various areas and play an active and leading role in law-making and policy implementation and identify topics for reform. In this respect, the Political Strategy Bureau must have a think tank which comprises talents from the various fields and meets regularly. The bureau should be complemented by a Publicity Bureau and a Legal Bureau to ensure perfection, precision, and promptness as required by professionalism in politics.

2)Creation of business opportunities to financial independence: (a) to set up Economic Bureau and (b) expand and diversify the functions of the MPTC Life Long Learning Centre to Lifelong Learning & Economic Development Centre by providing (i) vocational training; (ii) business opportunities and employment research and (iii) guidance to business startup and sustenance.

3)Recruitment and nurturing of young people: The political participation by young people should be duly recognized and appreciated so as to create a friendly and conducive environment for young women to involve in politics:
(i)By narrowing the age gap among Beliawanis members and categorize all women MCA members below the age of 35 years as Beliawanis members;
(ii)In addition several Beliawanis members who have been formally elected to the Central Committee, six Beliawanis leaders from the various states, including Rachel Ten and Connie Liew from Selangor, Nicole Wong and Jessica Lai from the Federal Territory, Tee Choon Ser from Pahang and Kathleen Wong from Perak will be appointed as Central Committee by invitation and will be allowed to attend meetings of the Central Committee. Those who are suitable will be formally appointed as full members of the Central Committee in due course.
(iii)Formation of a subcommittee headed by Secretary General YB Sdri Senator YB Heng Seai Kie and chairperson of the Beliawanis Bureau Sdri. Tee Hooi Leng and comprises the above six members of the Central Committee by invitation to form a joint committee with MCA Youth to discuss the plan of recruiting young people.

4)Promotion of Political Education for Wanita Members: Formation of a Political Education Bureau to complement the efforts of the Party’s School in providing systematic political and public administration education to all levels of members while recruiting and training women members with excellent public speaking and writing skills to nurture members to be well-versed with political knowledge and government affairs.

5)Professionalization of the core tasks of Wanita MCA by setting up Women and Children Aid Bureau: Setting up Women and Children Aid unit in Head Quarter and various states will be carried out to systematically train hundreds of volunteer counselors. The bureau will regularly provide advice and assistance to underprivileged women and children. It also provides services and organizes talks and seminars to collect information and data on the relevant areas of the government with the view to promoting reforms and improvement.

The other Bureaus will continue to play an active role in promoting their respective functions. The detail and concrete plans will be formalized after the 2nd Wanita Central Committee Meeting and Brainstorming in 1-2 months’ time.


thunderkajang said...

D.P. Mei Fun,
1. Many comrades are glad to see that Wanita is moving in a right path towards reform vision with the very strategic objectives and plans! Ur effort in nurturing the young generation is fantastic and the implementation of good political education is the must!
2. Allow me to mention the important of IT bureau which is not too emphasized by the party. I feel that in order to tackle the new and fresh voters, we must make a different in IT approach to win the cyber war and good IT approach is very important or even king maker in the next G.E.!
3. I am thinking that our party cadre training school should plan and act in more effective ways as it is a vital support to the party. We leak of well trained intermediate level leaders or speakers who can help the Wanita and Youth in promoting political education in nationwide.
4. Neither the Wanita and youth or even MCA National have enough sources or operation fund for the branch and divisional level. We can't continue to 'syok sendiri' if division or branch leaders always show faces but in reality his/her own branch sleeping too sweet! In five P.R. ruled states, how are the divisions and branches alive without sufficient operational fund? I believe a systemized operational fund from national level will re-active the grass root level and manage to avoid internal money corruption or power abuse.
regards, Wai Hung


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