Monday, April 5, 2010


Friends from the media,

I understand that you would very much like to come to the airport to find out about my decision first thing upon my return. My apologies for changing my flight schedule for an earlier arrival and thus those who would like to meet me would have missed me. I regret to have caused any inconvenience to you and this press statement serves as an explanation.

Of late, many have persuaded me to stay through smses, emails and phone calls. However, there are also those who have created a facebook group demanding my immediate resignation. In fact, what I have expressed immediately when election the results were announced on 28 Mar 2010 was very clear, which is “My stand has not changed”. I have expressed my stand clearly and I shall not be held liable if there is anyone who still could not comprehend what I have said. In respect to when and where I should make known my decision publicly, I feel that I need not respond in accordance to anyone’s schedule.

As a responsible person, I have been away in the past few days on official duties entrusted by the Parliament which was scheduled prior to the re-election. As a Wanita National Chairman, I am shouldering a lot of support and hopes. They have a close relationship with me and we share common goals. As such, I feel the need to give them a space to express their opinions before I make any public announcement. I will not evade. I will meet up privately with a lot of people who have requested to see me when I return on 2 April 2010. Once they have expressed their opinions, I will have to explain to them the decision which I have already made and my stand, otherwise, I would be most regretful.

As a sign of respect to the Wanita Central Committee members, I insist that I would brief the Wanita CC first before I make any public announcement. The question of whether I resign or not, although may not be such a big deal, however I need to ensure appropriate and orderly arrangements. I urge all of you to be patient, come April 8 after the Wanita CC meeting, I will announce the decision which I have made in detail. I hope when I finally make the announcement in accordance to my initial intention, it will cause minimal ripples and at the same time will not bring about any quandary to the party.

Chew Mei Fun
2 April, 2010

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