Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to "FROM COLD, WET FISH TO SUSHI !" seminar

How to create Added Value from your people and your customer service using World Class Formula to survive this economic downturn - by DR. TED JOHNS

DATE : 19 January 2009 (Monday), TIME : 1.00 PM - 5.00 PM
VENUE : Auditorium, 3rd Floor, Wisma MCA, 163, Jalan Ampang, KL

Dr. Ted Johns has been the ABE Examiner for more than 15 years. Dr. Ted recently played a major role in the development of a specialised HRM stream at the Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels, for which he is now the ABE Chief Examiner (HRM). The other major part of Dr. Ted activity concerns his role as Chairman of the Institute of Customer Service. The mission of ICS is to lead customer service performance and professionalism in the service industry. More information about the ICS can be found on the Institute website (

Dr. Ted publications include Perfect Customer Care (Arrow), Perfect Time Management (Century Business), The Sociology of Organizational Change (Pergamon), and Ethical Leadership (written with Stephen Connock). He regularly contributes articles to the ICS journal, Customer First, and to other periodicals, notably People Management, Customer Management, Marketing Insights (Singapore), Employee Relations Review and Management Today. A controversial and provocative Dr. Ted Johns column appears in the online Customer Management Newsletter every fortnight (accessible through website and he also produces a bimonthly feature for Customer Management magazine itself.

We specially invited an expert from UK, Dr. Ted Johns, who is well known for his expertise in the area of customer service, time management, organizational change and ethical leadership. Dr. Ted Johns will share with us business solutions, tools and strategies to survive this economic downturn by illustrating examples to show how these principles work in action as practised by international well known brands, example, the Shangri La group a Malaysian iconic brand. We focus on economic issues, which directly affect the livelihood of many Malaysians. Currently, Malaysia is no exception to the rest of the world in facing the economic uncertainly. Malaysian businesses and individuals will be greatly affected by the economic downturn, therefore it is timely that we organise this case study cum academic seminar to provide effective and actionable world class solutions on how to create added value from your people / employees and your customers to survive this economic downturn.

The seminar will also be a platform to bring together SMEs, academics, professionals, policy makers and students to share their interests, concerns, learning and experience in understanding the nature and conduct of doing business in Malaysia during economic uncertainties.

· Practicable proposals for improving your organisation's reputation, performance and bottom line
· Solutions for securing people commitment and engagement throughout your business
· Realistic routes for achieving world-class service excellence
· Ways for creating a contributor culture across your business, with reduced turnover, increased productivity and a "thinking performer" set of core vales

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Should you be unable to attend for any reason after registering, please inform us by 17th January 2009. A replacement participant is welcomed.

The organizer reserves the right to alter the content and timing of the programme in the best interest of the seminar and reserves the right to cancel this seminar due to unforeseen circumstances.

Walk in participants are welcomed upon availability of seats.
TO REGISTER - Send / fax this entire form (or a photocopy) to:
7th Floor, Wisma MCA, 163, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Fax: 03-2161 8211

Ms. Tee Hooi Ling (Beliawanis Wanita MCA Chairperson) Hp: 012-298 8533
Ms. Jessica Lai (Seminar Organising Chairperson)Hp: 012-203 9028
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