Thursday, April 23, 2009

与周美芬文告内容100%雷同 杨顺兴被指抄袭

南洋商报 2009/4/22







“杨顺兴是州议员兼市议员,也是行动党槟州社青团团长,近期更传为出任槟岛市议会主席的热门人选之一,是否因此没有时间做功课?” 出席记者会者包括马华公共服务与投诉局主任陈德钦、妇女组主席陈清凉、秘书陈显裕等人。


Towards healthy and leisure life~! said...

重要的是,檳州酒店公会一致认为,民联执政檳州一年后,酒店入住率,的确进步蛮多, 这才叫政绩!

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VM said...

Chew Mei Fun - 我从你的语气感觉马华党员如你还是冥顽不灵,死性不改,企图混淆视听..

Quality of Pakatan Rakyat people are at least 10 times better than BN fella and "back door REJECTS" like yourself, who lost shamelessly (close to 20,000 votes), made boo boo in PEMPENA and CAN STILL BE APPOINTED as Deputy Minister...WHAT AN INSULT TO VOTERS IN MALAYSIA and BIG JOKE !!!!!!!

MCA IS ALWAYS A BIG SHAME and FAILURE..and ACCOMPLICE of UMNO's CRAP ACTS - highly inefficient and promoting "cronyism" and "wastage", superly corrupted, unscrupulously high-handed, extremely disrespectful of democracy, shamelessly appointing "back door" minister and deputy minister who lost in a big way in general election, and..

Sorry ha - I need > 100,000 pages of A4 paper to list down all crap acts of Barisan Nasional if I really need to do so....

Chew Mei Fun said...


真的假不了,假的真不了!我在PEMPENA 的一切清清白白,您的评论已构成毁谤!希望您慎言!

VM said...

CMF - 真的假不了,假的真不了!! Exactly...the crap acts by MCA and your "back door" deputy minister status is a TRUTH!! do not try to use law and regulations (the weapon that BN always capitalise on) to scare off people...RAKYAT ARE NOT STUPID Anymore...MCA will be uprooted in the coming election and mark my word for that!!

If you are bold enough pls ask your UMNO and MCA colleagues to 慎言 before trying to act fierce here, come on!

LBP said...

YB: I think u over-sensitive...VM only said u have boo boo that's all..he did not specifify what does boo boo mena? what 毁谤 is that? why should you be so jumpy and put up 官腔 like all BN fella。If you can't take criticsm may as well close your blog..


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Her appointment is ok for Rakyat if she can contribute to the country and to rakyat. Not every person or every political party is 100%. But frankly, MCA under BN still have a lot to improve. Nowadays, rakyat is clever enough to do judgement on the contribution & the performance. Nowadays, rakyet wont vote just by a simple and low quality tar road and political sweets.
Hope CMF can do her best for Malaysia.