Friday, December 5, 2008

Chew Mei Fun: Pasir Mas MP Ibrahim Ali should undergo compulsory course on respecting women

5 December 2008

Press Statement issued by Wanita MCA National Chairman Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun over Pasir Mas MP YB Ibrahim Ali’s remark that “men marry many wives due to the women’s strong desire”

Wanita MCA National Chairman Chew Mei Fun today strongly condemns Pasir Mas Independent MP YB Ibrahim Ali for allegedly irresponsibly uttering gender-bias remarks that “men marry many wives due to women’s strong desire” and she urges Parliament to take serious action against him to prevent the same incident from happening again.

After the recent uproar over Pasir Salak MP YB Dato’ Tajuddin Abdul Rahman’s obscene remark, Parliament is once again rocked with another sexist remark from Ibrahim Ali.

Mei Fun did not spare expressing her disappointment over the attitude of certain male MPs in the Parliament.

“MPs in Parliament do not appreciate the opportunity to participate in healthy debates. They would rather pull cheap stunts seeking publicity and resort to discriminatory espousals which humiliate women,” expressed Mei Fun.

“Wanita MCA urges the Parliament to take strong action against MPs who fail to abide to the Parliament’s code of conduct because Parliament has descended into a place to spew vulgar slurs which not only offend women but the country’s image has been deeply affected thereby becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of the public,” reiterated Mei Fun.

Mei Fun expressed disappointment that “those who hurl sexist spews deride women and should learn how to respect women.”

“We would like to suggest that such a group be given a compulsory course on how to respect women and improve their understanding on the relationship between the different genders. This is an effective measure to prevent them against dishing profanities in Parliament,” stressed Mei Fun.

“We, together with the other women’s association, will submit a memorandum to the Parliament to voice out the urgency that Parliament needs to regulate the code of conduct for MPs,” said Mei Fun who is also the Wanita MCA Political Strategic Bureau Chairman.

She also urges Ibrahim Ali to apologise openly to all women in the country and to convey his regret over his derogatory remark which hurts the dignity of women.



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Datin Paduka, I am a PJ resident and was shocked when we lost the seat to DAP. May I suggest that you write more English articles to attract more people to your blog. We are curious as to what your plans are to retake PJU.

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