Friday, October 10, 2008

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Friday October 10, 2008

Chew to inject life into Wanita MCA

Mei Fun: New Hope (

KUALA LUMPUR: Wanita MCA chief aspirant Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun has pledged to turn the wing into a young, dynamic, energetic and joyful organisation.

“Let us go beyond our traditions and set ourselves free from the current predicament by adopting a new thinking, new perspective and new direction to become leaders for the people.

“We will also be political workers for the people so as to project a new image and create a new hope for the people,” she said at the launch of her manifestos at Wisma MCA yesterday.

Chew, who is deputy Wanita chief, said she had outlined seven plans to achieve her target.

“We will build teams comprising talents in the respective fields and devote more time in the deliberation and study of government policies and legislation,” she said.

Chew said the wing should continue to carry out more effective community projects and activities for women to empower and help them integrate with their community.

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