Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chew Mei Fun Contesting for MCA Vice President Press Statement

Distinguishing right from wrong; People before self;
Keeping promises; and walking the talk!
When I resigned from all government and official party positions in April 2010, I remained as an ordinary member and branch chairman of MCA in recognition of the goals for and contributions of MCA to the country, the people and community; in addition to a heavy heart which made it difficult for me to leave behind the relationships I have built with fellow members.
I resigned out of principle and to keep my word, but I have always maintained my respect for the leadership elected by the central delegates through the democratic process, with a sincere hope that the party will rise out of its low ebb of 308. During this period when I have not held any important positions in the party, I have been listening to public opinion and have also paid attention to every development in our party. I went back to University and in my post graduate studies read somewhat with regards to the history of Malaysia pre and post-independence. In the last three years, my frame of mind has fluctuated in accord with the party; sometimes I felt very excited and other times I felt rather depressed; there were less exciting moments too, but for the most part I just felt worried and distressed.
Being one of the main Chinese representative parties within the ruling coalition, MCA’s goal was to win in the General Election. With that in mind, in the eight months leading to the last 505 election and including the 15 days after nomination in which I was not named, I worked hard and contributed quietly on the ground in many of the MCA and Barisan National constituencies’ election campaigns. On the day of the election 5th of May, I only reached home from Johor after three in the morning.
I chose to resign at a time one would consider high office, and today, while MCA is at its lowest point since the days of our founding fathers, I have chosen to make a return. After enjoying a season of relaxation out of public scrutiny, this decision has not been easy. However, as a member of MCA, and from what I have learnt and experienced, how can I just stand aside and watch all that is happening to the party?  The work of reform and rebuilding MCA should rightly be my whole hearted focus. Otherwise, why study? What’s the point of politics?
Participating in the party elections is a very serious and solemn matter. To contest is to obtain a legitimate mandate from the delegates to help reform and rebuild the party, which leads to protecting the people, and building a fair, democratic and progressive Malaysia. Today, with a heart ready to devote myself to the party, I humbly offer myself to contest in the coming MCA party elections for the post of MCA Vice President. I hope to have the opportunity to play an effective role in the rebuilding of our party through the experiences, thoughts and observations I have accumulated.
To me, each of the leaders and the central committee of MCA should not only form a united leadership and work towards a common goal; they should also represent the party as one who has wisdom, independent thinking, planning ability, and management, implementation and supervisory skills.  Every member of the central working committee must remember they are entrusted by their colleagues as representatives of the leadership to strengthen the party, develop the country, work for the people, and protect the community. In major issues, the central committee must oversee and ensure that they make the right decisions. The party exists for its members, for the nation and its people, so the ultimate goal of the party leadership and all its members is none other than the nation and the people. The people and nation’s interests must always come first.
Unless we have a thorough knowledge of the candidates, we will otherwise vote with reference to the manifesto the candidates present. Therefore in every party election, those campaigning for the President’s post always make eloquent manifestos.  Unfortunately, we often forget their manifestoes after the election. There are very few who would save their manifestos and do an audit, which has led to a situation where the manifestoes become the candidates’ personal whitewash. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. Instead, we must uphold and practice the "walk the talk" motto. And if I am elected, one of my main tasks will be to implement intensive follow up and ensure the leadership under the President fulfill and realize the election manifesto and commitments.
For those who have repeatedly urged me to declare my intentions in this election, I apologize for keeping you waiting for so long. I have taken the time for self-reflection, to ask myself whether I’m ready to go through the thick and thin in this difficult moment of our party. Would I have any ideas to contribute to our rebuilding? Are there colleagues who share the same vision and are willing to work together? Personal strength is limited but together we can build a nation. After endless self-evaluation and analysis of the current situation, today, I solemnly and humbly announce my decision to contest for the MCA Vice President post. I hope you will give me the opportunity to play a role in rebuilding the party. I promise I am committed to do everything I can to contribute.
Chew Mei Fun
December 10, 2013

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